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You are about to begin a new chapter in your life. During your time with us, we will be training you for the development of the career that you have chosen, or will be choosing. We will give you the tools for you to make a success of your professional life, in an environment that is as varied as it is exciting. You will be meeting and working with many different nationalities, helping you to appreciate a wide range of languages, customs and cultural differences.

  • LENGTH Part time 18 months (+6 months on the final management project), 4 days per month
  • LANGUAGE English
    • Istanbul, Turkey
    • Grenoble, France
    • Paris, France
    • Berlin, Germany
  • TUITION FEES 25,000€
  • ECTS 120

Financing EMBA Studies

Students very often pay for their own education because they keep on earning money during their studies and many have accumulated savings. Some companies fund EMBA students when the latter use data from their employers and when their research is relevant to their companies.

41 North reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the website immediately.


41 North Business School in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management brings the best in-class Executive MBA to Istanbul. Grenoble Ecole de Management, one of the few triple-accredited business schools worldwide will provide you with the talent and skills in Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Leadership required to stand out from the rest.


41 North Business School in partnership with GEM brings you the very best Executive MBA in the region. GEM is among the 1% of business schools worldwide to possess the three accreditations, EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA that distinguish the leading international business schools from the rest. These three accreditations are international recognitions of the quality of the organisation, its programs and the degrees it delivers. They provide an independent assessment of the quality of the School’s organisational processes, ensuring that the content and quality of the programs delivered satisfy international established standards.

MBA Program Director of Grenoble Ecole de Management

“Grenoble Best of Both Worlds Executive MBA”

Grenoble has a wealth of experience delivering quality management education and the MBA is a key part of our activity. At present the MBA program runs in Grenoble + Berlin for full-time students and in Moscow + Tbilisi, Georgia and Medellin, Colombia for Executive part-time students. Together with partner 41 North Business School, we now offer you a blended Executive MBA in Istanbul, adapting the delivery to successful managers by harnessing technology to reduce travel while maintaining delivery quality and face-to face interaction.
To us this means offering you the best of both worlds: residential so you meet your instructor and fellow MBAs for live debate and discussion, plus on-line that you can complete at a distance.

Phil EYRE , B.Sc, M.A.


International Diversity

GEM places a great deal of emphasis on "teamwork", so you can expect to work closely with your classmates for the duration of the program. GEM seeks to fill the EMBA class with a diverse group so that you have an opportunity to work with different people from a variety of backgrounds, industries and nations. This "international diversity" allows you to look at business from different angles and learn from the other people in class as well as the professors. 

Business Lab for Society

GEM is not just a business school but a Business Lab for Society. The EMBA participant learns how to Act, Think, Impact, Explore, Learn from Failure, Innovate, Apply Equality, Hope, Dream and Dare. Watch GEM on YouTube: https://youtu.be/U46zEdcpb-I

Technology & Innovation

GEM is in the heart of one of France’s most advanced Technology and Innovation hubs, so the EMBA program emphasizes these two dimensions. But, what good is new technology and innovation unless they become universal? This is how GEM creates a significant difference from the rest, making new technology and innovation "universal" now in partnership with 41 North Business School in Istanbul.

Triple Accreditation

GEM has "triple-accreditation" from the three leading business school accreditation institutions, The AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA. Only 1% of the world’s business schools have this status. In addition, GEM EMBA is highly ranked by the Financial Times (FT) and The Economist. GEM’s most recent FT European Business Schools (2019) rank is 25, which is significantly ahead of well-known universities in Turkey.

Key strengths of the program

• The EMBA is an intense general management program provided by a triple-accredited International Business School.
• The program is highly applied in content, delivered by a team that brings together academic specialists with practitioners from a wide range of sectors.
• The program is also very international: delivered in English by a team of Faculty from diverse origins and with participants coming from different countries of the region.


• To provide a high-quality internationally focused management program.
• To accompany the personal and professional development of program participants.
• To create a group of dynamic learners with a diversity of professional experience



Phase 1: Blended face to face sessions plus distance learning
Participants will complete extensive course work and preparation outside of the classroom, using an online platform and participating in webinars with Grenoble Faculty
Phase 2: Distance Learning
Consists of a 15,000 word Final Management Project/ Thesis which participants complete under the supervision of their Grenoble professors. Following the completion of Phase 2, participants will receive the MBA qualification from Grenoble Ecole de Management.

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Careers Benefits

• Intense, stimulating management program with operational approach for immediate impact in the work place
• Part time delivery ensures continuity of managerial activity with immediate application of newly acquired skills and knowledge
• Programs delivered in English, with an international focus and faculty
• Equip managers with the skills needed for effective international negotiations and competitiveness
• Access a dynamic network of alumni and develop professional links worldwide

Why Invest in Executive MBA?

There are three critical components that weigh heavily on an experienced manager’s decision to enroll in an EMBA program. These are (A) CAREER EFFECT after graduation; (B) EXPERIENCES during the program and (C) the business school’s CULTURE. Read more...

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Alumni Profile

Female Participants
Avg. Years of Experience
Average Age


EMBA candidates are experienced professionals from diverse sectors who display a high level of maturity and intellectual curiosity. Candidates should have excellent written and oral communication skills, and should be open to cultural diversity. Special attention will be paid to a candidate's motivation for an international career.

Entry requirements:
• A Bachelor-level, undergraduate degree in any subject
• At least seven years of significant full-time work experience, preferably with managerial experience
• English proficiency (6,5 IELTS with 6,0 min in each band), or TOEFL of 94 (with min of 22 in reading and speaking or 21 in listening and writing)
• GMAT may be required on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified after the Admissions Board meets if you are required to take the GMAT.

Application: To apply for this program, candidates must complete the application form and include scanned copies of all original supporting documents. All documents must be in English or be submitted with a certified translation into English if written in another language.


  • Official copy of your Bachelor's degree and all pages of the university transcript including the grading scale.
  • detailed, current CV.
  • 2 professional references.
  • Short essay (250 - 300 words) explaining your motivation for choosing this program.
  • Short essay (250 - 300 words) relating to your academic/professional experience.
  • Short essay (250 - 300 words) relating to your intercultural awareness .
  • Internationally recognized passport picture.
  • Scan of passport.
  • Official proof of fluency in English (TOEFL, PTE, IELTS or CPE) .


Current policy on absenteeism:

The absentee rules for the GEM EMBA program Istanbul cohort are as follows and given to students during Induction:
No module can be completed with less than 50% physical attendance in class. (12 hours for a 24-hour module, for example, plus 3 of the 6 webinar hours).  This will be dependent on the agreement of the individual professor. 
GEM recognises that part-time students have professional commitments. Therefore, provided MBA students request authorisation for absence for professional reasons BEFORE the official module dates for their intake, this can be authorised.  Students simply not showing up for module with no prior indication will be given a 0 grade, module to be taken with next intake, not with any later intake.  This is applied to online and to Face-to-Face sessions.
Absence of this type should be exceptional, not regular.  Students can request absence for up to two modules for professional reasons.  Any further request for absence will mean a maximum grade of 50% (10/20) when the module is finally completed with the next intake.
If students are absent with their intake, let’s call it EMBA 1, they must complete with EMBA 2 (following intake).  There is no possibility unless for exceptional reasons (illness, accident) for this flexibility to be extended to a third intake, say EMBA 3.
It may be possible in exceptional circumstances for students to travel and complete missed modules at other sites (e.g. Georgia


41 North Business School is located in the heart of the business district in Istanbul and surrounded by modern shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. The district offers a wide range of hotel choices, we picked the ones that are at the walking distance and alternatively in old town Sultanahmet, for you.

While we encourage you to book your own accommodation, you are always welcome to contact 41 North Teams in case you have difficulties to find a room. formore@41north.com.tr

Please note that reservations are subject to hotel availabilities, especially during high seasons.

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Registration and Payment Terms

Grenoble Ecole de Management-EMBA Admissions department will issue an Acceptance Letter to each applicant who has been formally admitted to the 41 North Business School-Grenoble Ecole de Management-EMBA Istanbul-Hub-Cohort Program.

Upon receiving the Acceptance Letter, the participant must pay a deposit of € 5’000. The remaining portion of the first year’s tuition, € 7’500, must be paid BEFORE the commencement of the Program. The second year’s tuition payment, € 12’500, must be paid before the commencement of the second year of the Program. The total tuition cost of the GEM-EMBA Istanbul-Hub-Cohort Program will be € 25’000 for the 2019-2020 academic year entrants.

Students admitted to the GEM-EMBA Istanbul-Hub-Cohort Program will be issued GEM Identity Cards so that they can access all physical or online GEM and 41 North facilities in Grenoble and in Istanbul.

If a student wishes to withdraw from the Program prior to completion, s/he must inform the Admissions department in writing of this decision. In prematurely withdrawing from the program, the student remains liable for all outstanding and unpaid tuition fees.

If withdrawal from the program is due to serious unforeseen circumstances (death, incapacitating accident or serious and prolonged illness) a specific Program Committee will examine the case. In case of accident or illness, a medical doctor’s certificate must be provided to the Admissions department.

If a student is expelled from the Program because of unsatisfactory academic performance, insufficient attendance, failing to pay tuition fees or for behaviour unbecoming a graduate student, the student shall remain liable for the remaining unpaid balance of the Program’s tuition fees.



Our classes take place in Ferko Signature Business Center, located in the heart of Istanbul’s central business and social district on Levent Buyukdere Avenue and are equipped with high-end technological infrastructure. Our campus is convenient to reach via access roads and underground walkways designed to provide metrobus, metro and pedestrian connections. Moreover, the campus maximizes your productivity by making your learning environment more enjoyable with on-site amenities such as electric vehicle charging points at parking lots, business concierge services, cafes, restaurants and vibrant parks for social activities.
There are two international airports in Istanbul. Istanbul Airport (IST) is located on the European side and it is the hub for Turkish Airlines. It takes about one hour of bus/taxi ride to get to Taksim Square, the center of Istanbul. Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) is located on the Anatolian side and is about 1 1/2 hours away by bus/taxi from Taksim Square.
Istanbul is one of the top destination for foreign visitors both for leisure purposes and business visits. Every year over 10 million visitors from all over the world is discovering the cultural, historical and social wonders of the ancient city. Only in Istanbul there are 500+ hotels & facilities with 100.000+ beds in total. 3000 + tourism agencies are serving for the visitors.
There are over 50.000 + foreign companies in Turkey. 82 of Global Fortune 500 companies are operating in Turkey. %60 of those companies' head offices are located in Istanbul. Istanbul’s Economy Alone is larger than approximately 130 Countries As the Turkish economy grows with historic records, Istanbul acts as the engine of growth, having US$31 k GDP per capita income to which corresponds more than two times of countries’ average. Compared to the 2001 level, GDP per capita in Istanbul has increased more than fivefold. The foreign trade volume is US$216 billion, where 75 k companies are dealing with international trade in Istanbul. http://invest.istanbul/why-istanbul/


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