In association with some of the world’s leading business schools, 41 North Business School brings new levels of academic learning to Turkey.

41 North Business School is a new stand-alone business school located in Istanbul, Turkey. The school is partnered with triple-accredited, international business schools from around the world to provide students with the very best in business education. The school is a big advocate of entrepreneurship, new technologies, supporting women in business and the improvement of international business management practices.

Welcome to Turkey – A Melting Pot of Cultures

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world. Straddling both Europe and Asia, this unique and multicultural city is a wonderful place to both live and study. Separated by the Bosporus River, Istanbul is steeped in history and a mix of ancient civilizations. Istanbul has much to offer international students from all around the world. The resident population is young and boisterous and tens of thousands of international students flock to Istanbul every year. Students will enjoy the exciting nightlife, world-famous museums, historical monuments, bustling markets, excellent shopping, and delicious cuisines. Do not miss out on visiting the famous Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmet mosques or winding your way through the massive Topkapi Palace to get a glimpse into royal Ottoman life.

Besides Istanbul, there are numerous famous cities in the country to visit, such as Ankara and Izmir. With thousands of miles of picturesque coastline, the country is surrounded by four different seas: the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. In the northeast, there are mountainous regions filled with forests, valleys, hiking paths, and interesting wildlife. Cities, mountains, sea – you can find it all in Turkey.

Education in Turkey

Turkey has a fast-growing economy and growing numbers of international students. Due to its strategic location between Europe and Asia and its close proximity to Africa, students from all cultures and religions can come to Istanbul and find something familiar that will make them feel at home, whether it is the warm hospitality or the diverse array of international cuisines. English is also widely spoken in the major cities of the country, so communication in the language is not difficult. Tuition fees and cost of living in Turkey are also considerably lower than in the United States and Europe, making it a new, popular choice for many international students embarking on their higher education.

Teaching and Learning

At 41 North Business School, faculty and staff encourage critical thinking through international best practices in teaching and education. The school helps students learn how to take academic theories and apply them in real life to address current issues and problems facing the world now. The school aims to groom future professionals who can face challenges in the business world with ease and confidence. The school’s Career Services Department also helps students plan their programs and aids them in finding jobs in their chosen field of study.

Executive MBA Degree

41 North Business School offers students a prestigious Executive MBA program run in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management, a prestigious triple-accredited business school. The program will cover management, innovation, technology and leadership among many other important and vital subjects and qualities required to do well in a competitive business environment.

The Executive MBA Degree is a part-time program that involves attending classes four days per month for a course of 18 months. The program is conducted in English and the first intake will be in June 2019.

To gain admission to the 41 North Business School Executive MBA Degree, students must have an undergraduate degree in any subject and seven years of full-time work experience, and they must meet the school’s English proficiency standards.

Digital Excellence Post-Graduate Certificate Program

The Digital Excellence Post-Graduate Certificate Program at 41 North Business School is run in partnership with ESMT Berlin. The university-level certificate program consists of six modules lasting 12 days each that are spread over the duration of one year. There are six tracks within the program: Innovation as a Corporate Model and Building a Digital Strategy, Ideation Workshop: Being Agile and Entrepreneurial, Data Driven Organisations, Understanding Leadership and Being a Leader in a Digital World, Understanding, Analysing and Applying New Technologies in Existing and New Business Models, and Bringing Technology to Market and Delivering on Digital.

The program is conducted in English and the first intake will be in November 2019.

41 North Business School is an exciting new option for those who wish to earn a business degree or certificate in an excellent academic institution located in the wondrous city of Istanbul. Come and discover 41 North and Turkey!