41 North is new, private and stand-alone, which make us unique in Turkey. We are dedicated to improving business practices in the Digital Transformation Age. Our purpose is to serve learners who believe in a never-ending learning experience, in management and in personal life.

The aim for many business schools is the so-called triple crown of AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditation, held by only 76 schools worldwide. Two of our partners, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM-France) and The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT-Berlin) wear this crown. The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL-Greensboro-USA, Brussels, Moscow) is globally ranked in the top three and is recognized for its emphasis on evidence-based research since the early 70s.

41 North emphasizes cultural and geographical diversity. This is why our reach extends from Istanbul-Turkey to the Middle East, Near and Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Balkans and Africa. Management of Technology in the Digital Age (ESMT), Self-Team & Organizational Leadership & Development Programs supported by Coaching Sessions with CCL & 41 North are executive training programs with cutting-edge relevance and content.


You will practice with the latest management techniques and tools to solve complex business problems at 41 North Business School. The Programs aim to transform participants into skilled decision makers who can manage unstructured risk, assess new technologies in a rapidly changing business environment and meet the unexpected challenges of the Digital Transformation Age. Serious Games (gamification methodology) for inspiring innovation is an integral part of learning of our School.

Since your main goal is to get a better-paying job with higher status after graduation, joining 41 North's academic partner hub and 41 North’s networks of alumni and business professionals will significantly increase your chances of attaining this goal.

41 North’s executive education and professional development programs last a few days at a time but are loaded with cutting edge management techniques. Leadership, innovation, creativity, leading for success in the digital age, assessing new technologies, improving the gender mix, diversity in the work place and managing rapid change are some of the exciting topics. Many of these programs award the successful participant a Certificate of Competency.

41 North also delivers corporate programs for corporate academies & helps the organizations to improve their leaders by delivering customized programs in a journey.


Stand Alone Business School

We are the first and only stand-alone Business School in Turkey. Being independent from any institution or corporate, we remain flexible and agile in addressing the needs of business world effectively, just as business deserves.

Geographical Diversity

We envisioned Istanbul – a cultural heritage, a bridge between East and West, a true inspiration with its dynamism and entrepreneur energy- to become a learning hub for all those coming from not just Turkey but also from Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Top International Academic Partners

We partner with only top business schools in the world who possesses three accreditations. Our DBA and EMBA degree programs hold best rankings consecutively. You will also be part of an international alumni network which will expand your horizon and career opportunities.

Focusing on Leadership & Technology & Innovation

Together with our international partners, we create and impart new knowledge to advance business and society, we create entrepreneurial leaders who think globally and act responsibly.The research concept of our partners developed by their full-time faculty, sets major research areas in Leadership, Technology and Innovation

World’s Best Leadership Programs

We have a partnership with one of the best, research based leadership institutions in the world : Center for Creative Leadership. CCL is ranked in top 10 consecutively in Global Executive Education rankings.

Cutting-Edge Methodology

With our cutting-edge learning techniques combined with non-traditional academic staff's expertise in business teaching, we provide a unique agile learning methodology for our participants. Through applied learning, community learning, coaching and gamification methods, you will acquire skills and qualities based on the practical application of knowledge in real-world contexts, solve problems through a new mindset-innovative and creative.

Current Business Cases & Issues

Future is now ! Conventional business models, vertical organisational structures and traditional leadership styles are all demolished by the disruptive changes in technology and social norms. You need to stay current in order to cope with today’s challenges. With the expertise of our partners; companies, opinion leaders, technology advisors, world’s leading business schools, we are able to address the needs of businesses effectively.

Smart Location & Learning Environment

21st century learning must take place in contexts that promote interaction and a sense of community that enable a true learning. We provide a learning environment to inspire you to attain the knowledge and skills with a top-technology learning hub that the 21st century demands from us all.


41 North Business School in partnership with global academic partners to bring you the very best Executive Education in the region; in partnership with leading business schools worldwide to possess the three accreditations, EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. These three accreditations are international recognitions of the quality of the organization, its programs and the degrees it delivers. They provide an independent assessment of the quality of the School's organizational processes, ensuring that the content and quality of the programs delivered satisfy international established standards.  

41 North Business School's Executive Education program partner in Digital Excellence Post-Graduate Certificate Program and part-time global MBA with ESMT Berlin, also a triple accredited business school,#1 in Germany according to Fortune Rankings. DBA with Lausanne Business School , the #2 in Europe.

Honorary Dean

Nuket Guz, PhD

41 North Business School Honorary Dean Nüket Güz earned her professor title in 1991 and is a member of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (Association Internationale de Sémiotique), the Association of French Semiotics (Association Française de Sémiotique), the Québec Semiotics Association (Société de Sémiotique de Québec). Prof. Dr. Nüket Güz has papers presented and published especially in the field of Visual Semiotics in many colloquiums, seminars and conferences in Romania, France and Canada, Tunisia, Morocco, etc. She has many publications and works on Women's Status and Rights. “Effective Communication Terms” and “Sounds and Rules”, “Dictionary of Linguistic Terms”, “Communication Strategies in National Defense and National Security Organization” are among Prof. Dr. Güz’s published works. She edited the books named "Selfie: Me Everywhere" and she has her own part in the book. The author's areas of expertise are Linguistics-Semiotics-Visual Semiotics, Interpersonal Communication-Public Relations- Advertising-Mass Communication and Communication Design. Prof. Dr. Nüket Güz has been giving lectures and responsible for administrative duties at various institutions and universites since 1994.

Head of Intermodal Expressive Arts and Creative Methodologies Chair

Dr. Sinem Lanaci

Dr. Sinem Lanaci is a Leading Intermodal Experiential Arts & related programs at 41 North Business School. PhD in Intermodal Expressive Arts: Coaching, Consulting, Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding, Master's degree holder in Management & Labour Psychology. ICF Certified Gestalt and Intermodal Expressive Arts Executive Coach (PCC), facilitator and consultant, ICF Certified Coach, 17 years in Human Resources, Cultural Development & Corporate experience in six different sectors such as FMCG, IT, and Health in multinational companies. Worked in executive and team coaching, training on leadership, talent, and organizational culture development. Her passion is to integrate experiential methodologies and coaching into business processes especially in organizational transformation, cultural change and leadership. Her mission is to support companies with new leadership, coaching and HR methodologies in the company's transitional period.

Head of Innovation & Research Chair

Dr. Meriç Bıçakçıoğlu

Dr. Meriç Bıçakçıoğlu Focuses and lectures on social innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship where he collaborates with several private and semi-public institutions. Subsequent to his doctoral studies, he continues his academic research and work on entrepreneurship and organizational sociology. Following his career as a teacher, Meriç joined the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, where he worked at various levels and titles. Initially, he worked as a team member of an international reorganization Project, then acted as manager of the training unit, became a coordinator and advisor to the Board. After pursuing an MBA at the University of Nottingham, UK, he became an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. He started as producer and seller, yet, turned his effort to design an “agricultural due diligence” system to support agricultural investment processes with a team of experts. Currently, he plans workshops, gives mentorship and training on entrepreneurship and management related topics, conducts training and acts as advisor to companies in several topics. He also works with Hicelerate, an accelerator based in New York, USA, where he acts as Project coordinator and mentor and with TR.PE and investment advisory firm based in Istanbul. He specializes in business model development and renewal, innovation, organizational culture, reorganization and process management.