Lionel Messi’s effective leadership has proudly and loyally represented the Argentina national football team for many years. He is not only the greatest footballer of all time, but also one of the best leaders any team could hope for. Messi is the epitome of self-assurance, and his constant attempts to rally support for the team are unparalleled. The Argentinan captain is a strong leader who wears his heart on his sleeve. Regardless of the circumstances. Throughout the team’s insecurity, merry-go-rounds of transfers, and ever-increasing managerial issues, Leo’s leadership qualities remained constant.

One-man show within a team

The Argentine is an industrious forwarder who is nevertheless a key asset for Argentina national football team but at the same time: he is the best Captain as well. He has been lifting the team on his shoulders reaching to the heights of success for quite a while now. However, besides being a one-man show, Messi never took credit for the games Argentina national football team won because of his efforts alone. He has performed tirelessly to win trophies and set an example of effective leadership and continued motivating his team to do better.

Give credit, not blame

Recently, the entire team has been crunched, and Messi has been found battling alone and relentlessly to win the match. Even so, he ends up crediting the victory to the entire team. This has recently become a problem for Argentina national football team , as the entire team relies on their Messiah to win the game. This has had a significant impact on team productivity. Despite this, the Captain never criticized the team’s overall poor performance. Instead, no matter how disappointing the circumstances were, he always carried his legacy gracefully, never blaming his teammates. This attitude of not complaining about the team’s poor performance and instead looking forward to ways to improve demonstrated Messi’s effective leadership over the years.

Focused on team goals, rather than personal achievements

Messi exudes passion, guts, and determination. He is, without a doubt, a fearless leader and a fantastic captain. His top priority has always been his team’s overall goals and ways to help the club grow and progress. People can attest to his ability to consistently put personal accomplishments aside and focus on team goals. La Pulga, one of the greatest footballers of all time, has won numerous individual awards for his outstanding performance. However, he never let his personal preferences overshadow Argentina national football team’s goals.


Some people underestimate the impact of giving credit to their fellowmen and teammates. Lionel Messi’s life is an epitome of moral and ethical values. People envy him and at the same time, they wish to be like him. By giving credit to others he made himself look like a bigger person. He always has a goal to recognize the accomplishments of his team. His motto seems to be ‘Neither blame nor take credit. This is the reason why a lot of people follow him blindly. He has gained the trust of his teammates and other footballers by trusting in their abilities in the first place.

In today’s world, the winning-mentality and sense of achievement take over one’s moral and ethical values. Blame games never lead a person anywhere. Messi has set an example of a leader who is sacrosanct. This gives us a lesson for becoming an effective leader and how to be followed. A leader whose words become too important to be trifled with and instructions are too valued to neglect!