When others don’t treat you with respect, it might be upsetting. You have the impression that you must continually establish your worth. Anyone who wishes to advance in their career must adopt the mindset of the underdog. Here are six strategies from Romain Saïss to adopt an optimistic outlook to overcome challenges and succeed:

Have a vision.

It can be challenging to believe in your self-worth when you are not treated with the respect you deserve. Think about something you want to achieve to help you find your center. It may be a specific person or a significant achievement in your career. Goal-oriented thinking People often assume you can’t achieve your goals when you’re the underdog. Dispute their claims. Don’t let other people divert your attention. Observe the chance.

Fail early, and take risks.

Making mistakes is a necessary aspect of learning. Make mistakes; they will only help you become better. You must learn from failures since society rewards immaculate performance. Take use of early failure opportunities to improve your chances of success later. Keep going even if you subsequently make blunders. Be resolute to correct your mistakes. Don’t let the skeptics triumph.

Be brave enough to take chances. You have leeway to take long shots because you are already thought of as the long shot. Sometimes aiming for possibility rather than likelihood is the key to success.

Be aware of the world around you.

If you focus too much on yourself, you will lose perspective. You will lose awareness of what is going on around you. Keep your head up. Know what others around you are doing. Learn to adjust and position yourself.

Outwork everyone else.

You have some control over your destiny. Take advantage of what you have control over, and prepare. Nothing beats preparation. You will never be disappointed that you were well prepared.

Don’t let adversity trip you up.

There is only so much control you have over outcomes. When you are thrown a curve ball, do not get flustered. Know that anything can happen. Remember that change is the only constant. If plan A is no longer an option, pursue plan B. If plan B is no longer viable, move to plan C. You have control over how you respond to change. Be determined, persistent and resilient.

Stay humble.

No one likes a showboat. Always remain grateful and appreciative for where you are in your career and the opportunities you have received. You will never know everything, so don’t think you ever will. Seek to know more and learn more. Don’t take things for granted. People support underdogs when they believe support will help underdogs reach their goals.


Underdogs are underestimated. Take advantage of this. You know your worth, but others need a wakeup call about your abilities. Be a leader in your own life, and show them what you are made of.