41 The Executive Club

Next Event Date: 22.05.2019
Time: 12:30 – 14:30

This month’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Jens Weinmann from ESMT Berlin. He graduated in energy engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) at the TU Berlin and received his PhD from London Business School in Decision Sciences. Jens Weinmann’s research focus lies in the analysis of decision-making in regulation, competition policy, and innovation, with a special interest in energy and transport. His academic experience includes fellowships at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute.

Dr. Weinmann’s presentation is: The corporate entrepreneurship matrix – best practice of innovation management

Across all major industries, large corporations complement their traditional research and development with new forms of (mostly digital) innovation. This talk presents the most prominent elements to enhance the corporate innovation toolbox. In the first part, it shows examples how targeted methods, such as Hackathons, Crowdsourcing, or trend scouts have led to success, whereas disruptive initiatives, for example accelerators and incubators, can be useful in a highly uncertain market environment. In the second part, three customer-centric innovation methods – Design Thinking for the ideation process, Lean Startup for the Build-Measure-Learn loop, and Scrum/Agile for rapid production cycles – are presented, together with practical advice for implementation.

We would very much like to see you among us on May 22th. The event will start at 12:30 in 41 North facilities located in the FERKO Building, Floor B4 in Levent.

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