41 The Executive Club X

Date: 8.02.2022
Time: 17:00 – 19:00 (Istanbul Time)

This Introductory Meeting’s guests speakers will be Dr. Dominique Bourqui and Dr. Erdal Atukeren

Dominique Bourqui (Ph.D) is an experienced entrepreneur (founder of Swissmadprod and BFCC) as well as a consultant and a certified business coach. She holds a Ph.D in Law from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Her scope of research includes topics such as Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Business Administration. She is currently developing an innovative entrepreneurial framework for school organizations, together with Dr. David Claivaz, Acting Dean of Business School Lausanne.

Erdal Atukeren (Ph.D) teaches Economics at the Master’s level and quantitative business courses at Bachelor level. He brings with him extensive expertise in economics, econometrics and international economics and finance. He received his Master’s in Econometrics from the Istanbul University and a second Master’s in Economics from the University of Ottawa prior to completing his Ph.D in Ottawa, Canada in 1995.


Within the Introductory Meeting „Doctorate of Business Administration for Executives“, we will:

  • Discover our academic partner BSL as an institution
  • Understand the overall program organization
  • Understand the program structure (DBA Phases)
  • Reflect upon the differences between a DBA and a Ph.D.
  • Start thinking about how to find an appropriate business problem for your DBA research
  • Meet and interact with Faculty from the Doctoral School
  • Discuss your questions (last 30 minutes)


The European Economic Committee rankings list the best management programs available. Rankings are published annually, relating to DBA programs, we’re proud to announced that BSL / Business School Lausanne has been ranked #2 in the list of top European Business Schools and Research Institutes.

We would very much like to see you among us on February 18th. The event will start at 5:00 P.M. (Istanbul Time).


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We strongly recommend you to join the session 10 minutes before the start to check the equipment and to get technical help if needed.


We would like to propose some rules for interaction:

  • As indicated above we invite you to join the session 10 minutes before the start to deal with the technical issues and to start on time.
  • Make sure you have a ‘clean desk’, in order to avoid distractions. However, we encourage you to have pen and paper at hand to make some notes.
  • Don’t multi-task, be with us the whole time.
  • Please have your video on as a default. As for the sound, if you are in a quiet place we encourage you to stay unmuted so that you are able to join the discussion in a natural way. If you have some background noises it may be a good idea to unmute yourself when speaking and to stay muted when not.
  • When you are sharing a thought or question, please start by stating your name or use chat area to post your question.


41 North Business School Team

Speaker's Language Only (English)
Online (Zoom link will be provided)