Resilience: Where is the child in you?

We are in the midst of a totally unexpected global crisis, the Coronavirus outbreak. Governments, organizations, companies and individuals all respond in different manners to the big challenge it represents.

How to cope? How to confront reality, yet feel hope?
This is, after all, an experiment of resilience, in real time.
And it calls upon the wisdom of the child in all of us!

Can you be as carefree, curious, and courageous as a child?

In this webinar to be facilitated by Executive Coach & Consultant Sule Kutlay Gandur, we’ll be focusing on:

  • What data does science provide on resilience?
  • Who is a resilient person?
  • Is resilience by nature or nurture?
  • What makes a resilient leader?
  • What wisdom does the child offer?

The webinar will be interactive and therefore allow participants to voice their experiences and opinions.

Sign up for our webinar on 9th of April, with 41 North Business School Facilitator, Executive Leadership Coach & Consultant Sule Kutlay Gandur.

DATE: 09.04.2020
TIME: 16:00

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