Creating Purpose: For Individuals and Corporations

“Why do I exist in this life?”
The humankind have been seeking answers for this baffling question for centuries…. to give some meaning to its life. To look for meaning for a reason to exist is perhaps one of the fundamental feature that makes people human.

Meanwhile it can definitely said that this notion is to become even more important on post-COVID-19 era. Beyond our quest for individual existence, the purpose of existence will be even more important for institutions and brands in the new world.

And our current observations show that the expectations of new generations from institutions and brands in this regard are already higher than it normally are….

In this webinar, we are going to answer these questions;

  • Why is “Purpose” so important in this new era? Why do we need to find our purpose of individual existence
  • Where to look for purpose of our existence and how to find it?
  • Why “Purpose” is important for brands and corporations? What is its difference from classic “vision & mission” praxis?
  • How can we make the purpose of institutional existence meaningful to all stakeholders?

This webinar to be facilitated by 41 North Facilitator Ahmet Akın.
The webinar will be interactive and will allow participants to participate in the Q&A session.

DATE: 07.05.2020
TIME: 16:00

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