Designing Your Life: Coronavirus Disruption and the Opportunity to Redesign Your Life

We are in the midst of a totally unexpected global crisis, the Coronavirus outbreak. Governments, organisations, companies and individuals all respond in different manners to the big challenge it represents.

Every little thing around you is designed; from the chair or couch you sit on to the complex systems you use online. The starting point to a design starts with a search to better, or a solving a problem.

Although we want to live tightly in the comfort area, such as in a sheltered home. life continues to invite us to a new journey. This call brings together new life paths, possibilities, perspective, and a brand new mentality for those who want to achieve self-realization.

Designing Your Life, which was developed with the Design Thinking methodology at Stanford University, has turned into a workshop program that has been applied all over the world right after thousands of people have designed a life they love and find meaning.

In this webinar, we will focus on how we can bring this human-oriented and innovative method into our own life design in times we become more aware of our need for collective transformation…

  • This webinar to be facilitated by Designing Your Life certificated coach & 41 North Senior Facilitator Selma Yalaman Serger
  • The webinar will be interactive and will allow participants to participate in the Q&A session.

DATE: 22.04.2020
TIME: 16:00

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