Human Dimension of Digital Transformation

We are in a period in which the business world is becoming more an more unknown, complicated and rate of change incereasing expotentially. As soon as we approached cautiously and started speaking with “but”, we had to quickly apply many new approaches, digital technologies and platforms in existence.

We have seen that the technologies we approach with fear and reservations are the most important tools we need to sustain our daily lives. The only way we can deal with these situations is to remain calm, agile, learn to listen to our instincts on the one hand, and engage in rapid decisions based on participatory and data, and combine them with a good / planned / fast execution process. First of all, we will be able to learn lifelong and keep ourselves up to date in this changing world.

Our job is now problem solving, innovation and creation. This basically requires 2 things; the first is the experimental approach – that is, we must be people who are not afraid to make mistakes, try, wonder, ask questions and discover, and the second, we must be individuals who can think interdisciplinarily, that is, understand the different fields and evaluate the relationships between them correctly. People who combine these with the right competencies will be able to succeed by making a difference in this process.

For this webinar, we are going to team-up with our Senior Facilitator Selma Yalaman Serger and Siemens Turkey Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Marketing Manager Derya Iren in a dialogue to discuss;

  • What is digital transformation?
  • How should we as humans handle this process?
  • What are the difficulties the leaders and the employees face in the notion?
  • The human aspects of digital transformation: Talent, Culture, Technology and so on.
  • COVID-19 managed the digitalise the processes of companies, are we as humans ready to take the necessary steps to go forward and transform ourselves?
  • Tips and tricks for the Digital Transformation; what is next for us?

The webinar will be interactive and will allow participants to participate in the Q&A session.

DATE: 22.05.2020
TIME: 16:00

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