Remote Working: Online and Beyond

We are inviting you to go online and beyond!

Governments, organisations, companies and individuals all respond in different ways to the challenges of remote working; skyrocketed by the COVID-19 global outbreak.

Remote working is not only moving our operations online but also there’s a “beyond” aspect in different levels of our society and work life for companies, teams and individuals.

  • As a leader you may find yourself leading a major cultural and organisational transformation of remote working.
  • As a manager you may experience difficulties sustaining functionality of teams and human-to-human connectivity.
  • As an employee you may sometimes feel out of sight, out of mind, and without a sponsor.
  • As any individual; your boundaries between private and business life may get blurry day by day.

Still, remote working has its own opportunities within its challenges. In this webinar we’ll discuss
all aspects of remote working; on and beyond the line.

This webinar to be facilitated by our Executive Coaches & Facilitators Hande Arikan and Anil Savas Kilic, PhD.

The webinar will be interactive and will allow participants to participate in the Q&A session.

Sign up for our webinar on 16th of April, with 41 North Business School Facilitators, Executive Leadership Coaches & Consultants Hande Arikan and Anil Savas Kilic,PhD.

DATE: 16.04.2020
TIME: 16:00

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