English Language Courses Abroad for 30+ Aged Individuals

It is possible to take your career to the next level with Kaplan International, which offers the highest quality language education services in 7 regions of the world, with special curriculum language programs and special campuses that are over 30 years old.

30+ trainings with destination options in London, Liverpool, New York or Toronto are suitable for all levels. In an environment of career-oriented training and individuals, you can learn or advance your level by choosing either Legal English, Marketing, Finance and many more. In addition, special privileges and special social events await you at Kaplan International's 30+ campuses.

  • LENGTH 1 week to 9 months
  • FREQUENCY Any time of the year
  • LANGUAGE English
    • Toronto, Canada
    • New York, United States
    • Liverpool, United Kingdom
    • London, United Kingdom
  • PRICE Starting from GBP 1,965 for the UK, USD 4,130 for New York, CAD 3,490 for Toronto…


Kaplan International Languages School is a member of English UK and is recognized by the British Council, a highly respected organization that represents the greatest English language schools in the UK.


  • Kaplan schools’ international accreditations and expertise and competence in Business English and other certificate courses.
  • Having foreign language proficiency and development in your professional field, such as engineering, medical or legal English, in line with your career goals.
  • Possibility to take one-on-one private lessons or extend the course while on site.
  • Private learning and experience classes with the latest technologies.
  • Networking events and lectures with guest speakers from UK professionals.
  • Weekly coffee and cocktail meet-ups, museum visits and many more personalized events where you can practice what you’ve learned.

K+ Learning Space
Grade tracking, grammar catalog, online exercises, games and quizzes
K+ Course Books
Supplement your language learning with interesting topics and real-world scenes.
K+ Learning Clubs
Improve your English while socializing with teacher-run study clubs.
K+ Extra
Online exercises; interactive questions, videos and audio exercises.

Why choose a Kaplan International 30+ school?

4 Unique Campuses

In your spare time from classes, enjoy relaxing in special areas on campuses designed for students over the age of 30.

Customized Language Program

For career-oriented professional students, there are a wide range of social activities suitable for making global connections and making new discoveries while learning. Chat events, gallery and museum visits and more…

Best Curriculum

Kaplan schools' 30+ curricula are carefully crafted for individuals focused on business and career English, helping students achieve their goals.

Ability to Choose a Course in the Field You Want

Opportunity to take courses in that area by voting for the courses in the field you want in the “Specific Skills” sessions. You can choose between English course programs on subjects such as Law, Marketing, Finance.

Special Staff For 30+

At least one designated Kaplan staff member per student on each campus. These staff will happily assist you in any matter during your study abroad process.

Level Up Opportunity

With the “Level Up Opportunity” offered by Kaplan International to its students, you are given the opportunity to advance to the next level once every 10 weeks in the course you are enrolled in. With private counseling from Kaplan’s academic team, you will be eligible to take the level test 10 weeks after your first placement (every 5 weeks at UK schools), and you can get the most out of your education by moving to the next level.


Kaplan International schools, along with the courses you take, offer you the K+ method, an education system designed with the latest resources and education methods that is easily accessible from anywhere. This method is designed for easy, permanent and enjoyable English learning, regardless of place and time, accompanied by resource books, special applications, online resources and games. In this method;


And when you're ready to level up, you'll benefit from Kaplan International's exclusive English KITE Test which is an advanced testing system. With this test, the questions will develop as you progress in English, and you will be placed in the right class where you will receive the education that suits your needs.



Discover iconic locations such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Times Square in New York, known as the "city with a global impact" for its leadership in commerce, finance, media, arts, and technology, as well as the Kaplan International School in Manhattan, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

- Customized lessons at the New York school specially designed for career-oriented students.
- Enjoy listening to lectures in classrooms with a views of Central Park.
- Courses in fields such as theater and leadership tailored to 30+ aged individuals , along with business English and exam preparation courses.
- Activities where you can network with Kaplan's career-focused social programs, museum-exhibition visits, and special events such as Broadway plays.

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Learn English and explore the many museums, art and royal venues, famous London markets and green spaces in London, one of the world's largest financial centers which is also considered a world cultural capital!
- A 25-minute walk from your school to Shoreditch, the arts district full of stylish venues, young artists and trendsetters.
- Take one-to-one lessons where you can determine the intensity level yourself with the opportunity to access academic English courses in fields such as medicine, law and health that match with your career.
- Participate in networking activities for career-oriented adult students, take lessons and attend lectures from guest speakers from the region's professionals.
- Enjoy London's entertainment evenings, visits to art venues, river cruises and create special VIP activities if you wish, with the social programs offered by the campus.

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Learn English and explore the many museums, art and royal venues, famous London markets and green spaces in London, one of the world's largest financial centers which is also considered a world cultural capital!
- Take advantage of budget-friendly activities and educational opportunities in Liverpool, one of England's most affordable cities.
- Easily visit Liverpool's best-known historical, shopping and cultural artistic venues with your school located in the heart of the city.
- Take courses based on accredited English courses and exam preparation programs that will contribute to your career, prepared with the most innovative curriculum and expert instructors.
- Attend speaking events and private lessons featuring top UK professionals.
- Find the opportunity to practice your English in a pleasant environment aimed at your goals with career-oriented social programs for individuals aged 30+.

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Improve your English with confidence and pleasure in Toronto, known as one of the safest cities in the world, the largest city and commercial center in Canada with a population of 6 million. While studying in this multicultural city of Toronto with a high standard of living, you can visit world-famous gastronomy, art, literature and shopping venues.
- Smell the air of the city's business and career environments thanks to the school located in Toronto's business district.
- Take advantage of the opportunities to take professional or academy-oriented courses tailored to individuals aged 30+, along with Business English and exam preparation courses within the school.
- Easily reach the art, music, food, and beverage venues in the vicinity of your school which is close to the CN Tower, known as the second tallest tower in the world.
- Visit local pleasant places such as Niagara Falls, accompanied by social programs specially designed for students aged 30+, or join the weekend trips to American cities if you wish.

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Our schools offer an education system that you can access from anywhere, created by professionally blending the best modern education techniques with a sophisticated curriculum. Our integrated system of books, apps, online resources and games helps you learn English quickly in the classroom, on public transport and at home.

K+ Learning Space
Track your grades, search the grammar catalog and get instant feedback on the online exercises, games and quizzes you've solved.

K+ Course Books
Explore the most important areas of language with interesting topics and real-world storylines

K+ Learning Clubs
Practice your English while socializing with teacher-run study clubs.

K+ Extra
Tailor your online practice based on your language strengths or weaknesses with interactive questions, videos and audio exercises.

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