AI Gallery Day (c) Facilitation For Executives

41 North Business School introduces Al based " Executive Education" program, a groundbreaking initiative revealing participants' leadership qualities. Through a customized questionnaire and AI analysis, the program unveils a personalized painting reflecting their inner world. The paintings, symbolic of current lives or envisioned futures, spark profound self-reflection. As participants interpret their artwork during an anonymous exhibition, the program uniquely illuminates personal growth areas, fostering a deep understanding of oneself at 41 North Business School.

  • LENGTH 1 day
  • FREQUENCY Twice a year
  • LANGUAGE English and Turkish
    • Business School
May 2024
-40 Days Left

How you learn?:

Embark on a transformative creative journey with our dynamic program, guided by personalized coaching and facilitation. Through thought-provoking questions and AI-driven interpretive pictures, delve into a realm of self-discovery and expression. Collaborate with 41 North Business School, facilitators, and peers to unveil hidden aspects within each painting, fostering diverse interpretations and personal insights. Engage in a specialized leadership test to identify characteristics and areas for growth, confronting challenges within your artwork while forging personal bonds with fellow participants. Explore paintings symbolizing current life or envisioned selves, using them as springboards for goal-setting and reflection. Culminate your journey with an anonymous exhibition and collective interpretation sessions, fostering a deeper understanding of your evolution and creative process.

Contribution to the participants:

Self-Discovery Through Art:

Participants gain a profound understanding of their inner world through a unique painting that reflects their worldviews and culture, fostering self-awareness.

AI-Driven Leadership Assessment:

An exclusive test designed by the program reveals participants' leadership qualities, offering insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development.

Personalized Artistic Reflection:

Participants receive a painting depicting either their current lives or the version they aspire to be, serving as a visual representation for personal reflection and growth.

Problem Confrontation and Bond Establishment:

The program encourages participants to confront challenges revealed in their paintings, fostering personal development and establishing a unique bond with their self-image.

Continuous Learning Culture:

The program fosters a culture of continuous learning, encouraging participants to embrace the insights gained and apply them to their ongoing leadership development journey.

Emotional Intelligence Enhancement:

Interacting with the artistic representation of their inner world enhances participants' emotional intelligence, contributing to a deeper understanding of themselves and others in leadership roles.

Enhanced Leadership Discovery:

Uncovers participants' leadership qualities through a personalized painting, sparking self-reflection and revealing growth areas.

Contribution to your company:

  • Understanding employees enables tailored management, fostering productivity, mutual respect, optimizing performance, and contributing to success.
  • Gain insights into diverse cultures, fostering inclusivity through understanding worldviews and cultures via artistic interpretation.
  • Empower team with problem-solving skills from painting challenges, enhancing decision-making and innovation in organization.
  • Promote team bonding through shared painting interpretation, fostering collaboration, and mutual support for a cohesive work environment.
  • Team enhances communication by articulating thoughts at the exhibition, leading to more effective interactions organization-wide.
  • Boost team confidence and morale with positive reinforcement, empowering employees for a positive, engaged workforce.
  • Observe improved emotional intelligence in employees, enhancing relationships and fostering empathy in the workplace environment.
  • Nurture continuous learning culture as employees apply program insights, fostering growth and adaptability organization-wide.

Who will learn ?

41 North Business School offers a groundbreaking educational journey with its innovative AI based "Executive Education" program. Crafted specifically for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise, this initiative is designed to foster a profound transformation in participants' skill sets. Emphasizing the cultivation of leadership capabilities, the program equips individuals with the essential tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their respective fields. By seamlessly blending theoretical frameworks with practical applications, it prepares participants to confidently navigate the complexities of today's rapidly evolving professional landscape.

What you learn ?

Explore the depths of your team's potential by delving into the intricacies of their inner worlds. Through a unique process, we ask thought-provoking questions, allowing answers to form a canvas. The resulting paintings, analyzed by both AI and personal interpretation, reveal leadership qualities and areas for development. Confronting challenges through personal paintings establishes bonds, fostering a transformative journey. Witness your team's inner landscapes unfold, paving the way for meaningful change and growth.

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