Organizational convergence is only possible when the different priorities, perceptions and interests between the units and individuals of the company can be managed with an advanced communication skill. This critical communication skill is in great parallel with a strategic concept that plays a key role in international relations and the course of history; Diplomacy. This concept, which comes from the Latin word to unite the parties and contains strategic depth, is very different from the phrase being political, which evokes pragmatism and tactical superficiality. However, since these two concepts are often confused in business life, we avoid being political while ignoring being diplomatic.

Thus, instead of keeping the communication channels open all the time in a state of emotional balance, we exhibit "attack or avoidance" attitudes and often we cannot prevent the personalization of conflicts. We may be perceived as aggressive when trying to be honest and frank, passive when trying to compromise, and may not be able to do our perception management correctly. This program was designed to develop diplomacy, which is an indispensable communication skill in the toolbox of professionals with career goals, and thus succeed in creating a nurturing network of relationships.

  • LENGTH 2 full days
  • LANGUAGE Available in Turkish
    • İstanbul, 41 North Business School , Sultanahmet Yerleşkesi
  • PRICE 25000 TL
April 2024
-24 Days Left

Program Coordinator

Gürkan Sekmen

Senior Facilitator, Coach | 41 North Business School

Born in Istanbul in 1968, Gürkan Sekmen is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. While continuing his professional career at the same university, he also completed his master’s and doctorate. He shaped his own managerial philosophy by combining the theoretical literature in his master’s and doctoral theses, which he focused on human behavior, motivation, leadership and coaching, with the experiences he gained in business life.

Gürkan Sekmen has held managerial and general managerial positions in leading local and international companies throughout his professional life of more than thirty years. He started his management consultant, speaker, corporate coaching and instructor career in 2012. Since then, he has been advising many reputable companies in sectors such as energy, finance, service, food, technology, automotive and media, and has been a companion for their business partners in the process of achieving their goals.

The educational philosophy is based on the cognitive dimension before the behavioral dimension and aims to develop permanent behavioral changes based on mental processes.

Gürkan Sekmen, who is married and has a daughter, is also a basketball coach. He is the author of the personal development and coaching novel called “Handmade Souls”. He is the senior facilitator and coach at 41 North Business School.


This program was designed to manage the toxic effects of conflict environments and expand our spheres of influence by creating a nurturing network of relationships.

Emotionally and mentally preparing for negotiation and conflict environments.

Exploring different characters' persuasion buttons and developing appropriate approach techniques.

Strengthening diplomatic flexibility and emotional agility in negotiation and conflict management.



This program is for all business professionals who want to achieve success in business life by improving themselves in diplomacy, negotiation management and persuasion.

What You Learn:

With this program, it is aimed that the participants develop their conflict management skills, communication skills, psychology of persuasion, approach techniques according to personality types, management of relationship network and sphere of influence, mental and emotional flexibility in negotiation atmosphere.

How You Learn:

The program will be held in a social learning atmosphere enriched with case studies, interactive discussions, personality analyses with tests, gamifications and videos.


• What is diplomacy, how is it different from being political?
• Four dimensions of communication and perception management
• To make internal preparation for negotiation.
• What are the key moments of the negotiation?
• Communication and persuasion strategies according to personality types
• Famous examples of diplomacy, successes and defeats in history
• Communication facilitators and techniques
• Basic behavioral patterns of diplomacy.
• Developing strategic thinking ability within the network of power balances and alliances.

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