“How to Hunt Your Dream Job” is an interactive 4 module program that enables participants to re-discover themselves as valuable assets and then to prepare to ace the interviews with globally top companies.

In addition, participants will learn concepts such as STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and DISC model (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance), with valuable lessons on communication styles to improve their everyday presentation and sales skills, let alone hook the interviewers right on the spot.

  • LENGTH 4 Modules
  • FREQUENCY Twice A Year
  • LANGUAGE English
    • Online (Zoom)
    • Istanbul
  • PRICE 1.500 EUR
April 2024
-75 Days Left
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About 41 North Business School

41 North is new, private and stand-alone, which make us unique in Turkey. We are dedicated to improving business practices in the Digital Transformation Age. Our purpose is to serve learners who believe in a never-ending learning experience, in management and in personal life.


Canan Brukner is a trainer and coach specialized in Sales, Leadership and General Business Management topics with a background in packaging industry (family business), management consulting at Ernst & Young, sales operations management at Google and e-commerce at Amazon. She is a graduate of Robert College (Istanbul, Turkey), Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) and holds an MBA degree from IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain). Canan’s passion is leading individuals & companies into becoming a better version of themselves.


Why Invest in “How to Hunt Your Dream Job”?

Oftentimes graduating from a prestigious university, working for a well-known brand or even a master’s degree is not enough for one to land on the dream job. One should first discover their true potential and also learn how to sell himself/herself at a job interview.

This program enables individuals to discover their values, strengths and personal vision in order to become their own leader. The learning experience offers participants the “interviewer’s perspective” and prepares one to ace the interviews.

The Key Features of the Program

Increasing Self-Awareness

Answering coaching questions and participating in self-reflection exercises, participants will discover their values, personal strengths and personal vision, which will enable them to increase their self-awareness.

Becoming Your Own Leader

By discussing the competencies and traits to be a strong leader, participants will start to shape their own unique leadership style and listen to guest speakers to evaluate which companies would be a good fit for them

Selling Yourself as an Asset

Working on resume building, studying the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method and learning the four different behavior types under DISC Model (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) the participants will prepare themselves for interviews in two main ways. One, they will be ready to tell their personal stories in crisp and smart ways so that the interviewers can easily follow and understand the value proposition of the candidate. Second, they will learn how to adjust their communication style to mirror the interviewer.

Acing the Interviews

The program offers sessions on Behavioral Interviews and the Case Method in order to prepare the participants for real life interviews. There will be mock interview scenarios, where the class will have chance to experience authentic real life interview.


You will increase self-awareness

You will discover your strengths and passions

You will work on internal barriers

You will re-evaluate your leadership style

You will get guidance to find a good fit in the corporate world

You will bring to light the other side of the table “how interviewers evaluate”

You will learn how to express yourself in a structured and analytical way

You will learn 4 different communication styles and how to adapt to different individuals

You will practice with behavioral interview questions and the case method

You will experience mock interview scenarios with an experienced recruiting manager



This program is ideal for junior to mid-level corporate executives, who are starting the job-hunting process or find themselves in the need of a career change. The content specifically targets individuals, who would like to discover their true potential and also become experts on how to excel in job interviews.


In “How to Hunt Your Dream Job”, there will be 4 modules where participants will “Increase Self Awareness”, “Become Their Own Leader”, learn “How to Sell Oneself As An Asset” and “Ace the Interviews”.

How Will You Learn?

The training methodology will be highly interactive, where participants will listen to brief lectures on theory, split in groups for break-out sessions, prepare & present their analysis in group work, participate in classroom discussion, answer coaching questions and do self-reflection exercises on their own, work with cases and experience mock interview scenarios.


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