The idea is that can we allow people to manipulate complex concept and create new products or services. By doing this, the companies are able to see whose market is reactive to this process or who to adapt gamification process. With the attendance innovative leaders, the forthcoming era beckons a great deal of excellent products and services.

  • LENGTH Two days of in-company program
  • FREQUENCY Repeatable for each corporate needs
  • LANGUAGE Available in English and Turkish
    • All over Turkey
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"I Innovate, Therefore I Am". Serious Games for Inspiring Ideas.

Innovative Ideas
in Education


Hélène Michel is a professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management (France). Prof Michel holds a PhD and a post doctorate degree (HDR accreditation to supervise research) in management sciences. She specialises in innovation management with a specific focus on serious games since 2003. Her aim is to design games and game mechanism to support innovation processes and inspire entrepreneurship. She is an international expert on the topic (expert for the European Commission, key note speaker in major conferences etc.). Prof Michel has a research funding from Massachusetts Institute of Technology on this topic. The games she develops have an international recognition (MBA Innovation Award Winner, Re-Imagine Education Awards Finalist).

Helene Michel

Contribution to the Participants

Triggers Creativity

According to the empirical studies, creativity is still the most prominent leadership skill. For businesses and leaders, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving your existing services.

New Technologies

The participants learn up-to 60 new technologies as they proceed to initiate with the games. Waves of emerging technologies -including machine learning, blockchain, IoT, robotics and more- are revolutionising the opportunities and strategies available to enterprise technology and business leaders.

Innovation as a Corporate Model

The participants who learn new technologies, applies newly-obtained solutions for their clients needs and creates innovative solutions and services.

Disruptive Business Ideas, Services and Products

Participants experience the program with applicable, original and disruptive business ideas with one-on-one gamification process.


You will enhance your company’s corporate image and prestige by investing in innovation and technology.

You will support the forming of a highly diverse talent pool for your company’s top management positions.

You will increase the number of ready-innovative managers for the new positions that are created.

You will create role models for other managers in your company.

Companies are now resorting to games that combine a serious purpose – recruitment, training, communication – with an entertaining method. Be an integral part of the restoration.

Top-down approach on games enables serious game as a way either to help employees acquire knowledge or skills, or to deliver a key message to the general public.

Unlike with traditional brainstorming, companies can now more easily identify with the staff, understand and bring
in our experiences and ideas in a collaborative setting.

The current age shows that employees see their physical and virtual workspaces becoming more ‘gamified’. Be a part of the innovative transformation.

By creating long term organisational value, you will have new leaders who can establish stronger relations with major clients and partners.

Team motivation within the organisation will be enhanced which will contribute to a work culture based on cooperation between functions and management levels.

You will invest in innovative leaders who have a personalised action plan who are ready to immediately implement their newly acquired skills and development plans.



Executives from all functions such as business development, strategy, marketing, and sales who seek to initiate or lead innovation processes, as well as manage new innovation sources and channels within their business.


Our aim is to engage expert and non-experts in the innovation process, which includes colleagues and co-workers as well. To accomplish the process of gamification, we are going to use rubik cubes even transform technology into cardboard. The idea is that can we allow people to manipulate complex concept and create new products or services. By doing this, the companies are able to see whose market is reactive to this process or who to adapt gamification process.

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With the use of gaming products such as; Tech-It and Cubification, participants will have a prototype to learn from. Applied-learning methodology of gamification will enable every participant to create their own products and services.


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