The two most basic human needs are safety and growth. Curiosity, research, experimentation, learning and creativity are the skills we use as we improve ourselves. Being understood, accepted, loved and supported are the basic elements of feeling safe. Today's dynamic world requires all employees to be more creative and entrepreneurial. However, when people are worried about being criticized, making mistakes, being labelled when they express their opinions, in other words, when they do not feel psychologically secure enough, unfortunately, the appropriate environment for the development of creativity, initiative and a strong cooperation cannot be formed at the desired rate.
This program will focus on how top and middle managers, human resources professionals, change agents, agile coaches and innovation managers can improve the psychological safety in their sphere of influence.

  • LENGTH 2 full days
  • LANGUAGE Available in Turkish
    • Istanbul
  • PRICE 1500 EUR
April 2024
4 Days Left


This program is designed both for providing a broader perspective on how to build “Psychologically Safe Workplace” and foster critical competencies within this context. Participants will be able to demonstrate leadership behaviors to handle both “Safety” and “Growth” needs of their organizations, teams and individuals

They will use “Open Communication” and “Active Listening” skills effectively to build trust and psychological safety in the sphere of their influence

They will facilitate inclusive meetings where all ideas are valued and generative dialogs happen

They will role model the “Growth Mindset” and create an environment where teams and individuals reveal mistakes and learn from them



It is for top and middle level managers, Human Resources professionals, change
agents, agile coaches and innovation managers who want to be a role model in
psychological safety, create an impact in their organizations by improving their skills.
This program provides its participants insights into leading change whilst maintaining
‘Psychologically Safety in the Workplace'.

What You Learn:

Participants will be provided with the theoretical framework of psychological safety,
gain insights on individual and collective dimensions, reflect on inclusive leadership
and learn some key strategies to build psychological safety in the workplace.
Furthermore, they will discover their strenghts and weaknesses in this context,
exercise new skills, enhance their perspectives, build an individual leadership vision
and relationships with other participants as peer support.

How You Learn:

This program will feature demos, role plays, instant feedback, group interaction,
experience sharing and hands-on assignments outside of training hours.


• Four characteristics of a psychologically safe environment
• Creating psychologically safe environment: Individual Space (Leadership Attitude) &
Collective Space (Reinforcing Structures)
• Fundamentals of Growth Mindset and Inclusive Leadership
• Case studies
• Five steps for creating a psychologically safe environment
• Inclusion
• Building trust
• Predictability, consistency and clarity
• Personal vision and accountability
* Pre-training: Self-assessment and group and individual assignments

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