Stage Craft For C Level Leaders

This program, renowned for its popularity in America (the United States Instead of America), focuses on elevating your communication skills, presentation finesse, and resilience. With your seasoned-award winning personal trainer, you will undergo a 5-dimensional debrief with the Executive Presence Inventory and craft a compelling keynote speech. One of the goals of the program is deep reflection on your journey, refining your personal brand, and enhancing your impact through, verbal and non-verbal communication body language ,vocal archetypes voice modulation, and impactful storytelling. Trust the process to unlock the full potential of your professional presence. Additionally, we will allocate 10% of the program costs to support International Women's Organizations.

  • LENGTH 6-12 sessions over a 3-month period, depending on your performance and readiness to open up and be vulnerable
  • LANGUAGE English and Turkish
    • Global Patent
February 2024
-135 Days Left

Program Coordinator

Demet Tuncer

Senior Facilitator, Coach | 41 North Business School

Demet Tuncer, a celebrated actress with two Turkish Tony Awards, and the voice of Walt Disney has made a profound impact hosting prestigious global events such as the Davos World Economic Forum, FIFA World Cup, and FIBA Basketball Championships. Collaborating with global companies like Coca Cola, Intel, Ford, Microsoft, and BBC, to name a few. Demet Tuncer showcases a remarkable diversity that extends beyond corporate collaborations to engagements with former United States Presidents and First Ladies.
Demet embarked on a transformative journey to Portland, Oregon, in 2016, relinquishing a thriving career to embrace new challenges. Navigating through fear of change, identity shift, and transformation, she not only weathered this tumultuous period but emerged stronger. Inspired by these experiences, the ‘How to Hack the Fear of Change’ talk was born where she shares tested strategies and invaluable methods, guiding others through challenges to rediscover their path to purpose and passion.

With almost three decades of diverse expertise, Demet is a master of presence, commanding stages and captivating audiences from thousands of people to intimate settings with authenticity and charisma. Recognizing the gap between the professional world and the art of communication she created her “Lead with Charisma” program. And through her exclusive 1-1 executive coaching, “Power of Presence“ she focuses on empowering executive speakers to deliver their messages with clarity, impact, and authenticity, tailoring strategies to match each individual’s unique pace, personality, and persistence.

Her journey is a testament to resilience and relentless determination. Encountering Demet is an experience that draws you in, influenced by her vibrant energy. The touch of her influence leaves an everlasting imprint on your life. She is the senior facilitator and coach at 41 North Business School.

Contribution to your business

Influence and Stakeholder Engagement: You will refine your communication styles to influence stakeholders, and foster stronger partnerships and engagement.

Crisis Management Readiness: You will be equipped to handle challenging situations with grace, ensuring a composed and strategic response in times of crisis, thereby protecting the company’s reputation.

Brand Amplification: Articulating the company’s values and vision persuasively you will contribute to brand amplification, attracting positive attention and potential partnerships.

Enhanced Corporate Representation: you will effectively represent the company at conferences, events, and media appearances, projecting a positive and influential image.

Contribution to the participants:

Clear Concrete Feedback:

invaluable insights and clarity will enhance your leadership effectiveness.


personalized guidance from a trusted, personal trainer on your side throughout the whole journey. Overcoming Stage Fright: empowering you to exude confidence, deliver impactful presentations, and significantly elevate your influence in high-stakes environments.


strategically communicate your vision, connect authentically, and drive organizational success through your own compelling and resonant narrative.

Executive Presence:

you will command respect, inspire confidence, and navigate complex leadership scenarios with poise, ensuring a lasting impact on both their teams and the organization.

Build Your Brand:

become the master of your own professional identity, foster credibility, and create a distinct and influential presence in the competitive business landscape. Body Language: powerful tool to enhance your non-verbal communication to effectively navigate nuanced interactions in all contexts, and to get your message across effectively with your gestures and posture.


Who will learn?

The ideal candidate for this program is a C-level executive, who is coachable, possesses a genuine passion for continuous learning and growth, and recognizes the importance of vulnerability in personal and professional development.

What you learn?

Participants will learn how to build a compelling personal brand, craft compelling stories, deliver effective presentations, enhance their leadership presence, refine communication skills, master public speaking, and embrace vulnerability for continuous growth.

How you learn?

Throughout the 3-month program, participants will engage in a series of weekly or biweekly meetings, depending on your performance. The sessions will be complemented by extensive one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions tailored to individual needs. To document your progress, you will also undergo recording sessions, allowing you and your personal trainer to observe and analyze your evolving skills. Additionally, your active participation in hands-on activities, and embracing personalized feedback will contribute to your dynamic and immersive learning experience, that will ensure your practical application of acquired skills in various professional scenarios.

Thank you for changing my life!

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