41 North Business School has developed the “Women in Leadership” program to encourage women managers to expand their sphere of influence by maintaining their feminine reality and to become women leaders in their own original style. The academy based program delivered with a unique educational approach actually offers a learning and sharing platform where all women leaders would support each other.

  • LENGTH 2 full days
  • FREQUENCY Once a year
  • LANGUAGE Available in Turkish
    • İstanbul , 41 North Business School , Sultanahmet Yerleşkesi
  • PRICE 45.000 TL


It's a great experience to stop for a while and to look through yourself both from outside and inside. It is amazing (and shocking at the same time) to become aware of yourself and the things you have not noticed about yourself until this day. As an individual and a woman who continues her journey in business, I strongly recommend you to become part of this experience.

Elif Ayça Denge - Operational Risk Vice President - Akbank

April 2024
-75 Days Left
*41 North reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the website immediately.

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ESMT Berlin was founded by 25 leading global companies and institutions. ESMT focuses on three main topics: leadership, innovation, and analytics. Additionally, the business school provides an interdisciplinary platform for discourse between politics, business, and academia. Besides its partnership with 41 North Business School in Istanbul, the business school is based in Berlin, Germany, with Schloss Gracht as an additional location near Cologne and a branch office in Shanghai, China. ESMT is a private business school with the right to grant PhDs and is accredited by the German state, AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and FIBAA.


Ergun is a program coordinator at 41 North Business School for Women in Leadership program. She is also a professor at Marmara University on Business Administration. She had her MBA on human resources at Middlesex University and PhD on Management & Organisations at Marmara University.

Cabbaroglu is  advisor of 41 North Business School in leadership programs. She is a professional coach and have deep expertise on leadership, coaching and mentoring.  She has her degree on  Masters, Coaching, Colsulting, and Leadership in Organizations at Middlesex University. Currently the President of EMCC Turkey and senior lecturer at Koc University. One of the Facilitator & Coach of Shadow Work.


A Message from 41 North's Honorary Dean, Nüket Güz, Ph.D.

Why does Turkey have a greater need for women leaders?

“If we rephrase the question as, “Does Turkey need competent women leaders?” the obvious answer everybody would give is “absolutely yes”. But if the question is “Why do we have a greater need for women leaders?” the World Economic Forum 2017 report’s findings offer the best answers.

In the GLOBAL GENDER GAP REPORT 2020, data from 153 countries were used. The highest possible score is 1 and the lowest possible score is 0. Turkey unfortunately ranks 130th among 153 countries with its global gender gap score of 0.635.

If we take a look at countries scoring below Turkey in the cultural gender gap index (based on lower index rankings) we observe that Turkey is a few points above the following countries only: Mauritania, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Iran, Chad, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen.

In Turkey, while the gender gap in health and survival and educational attainment was being closed, the gap in political empowerment was abysmal (0.124). Quite clearly, Turkey still has a long way to go as regards economic participation (0.478). The contribution made by women in leadership positions in a country’s social, cultural, political, industrial and technological development and the related economic advancement is of great importance in Turkey, as it is worldwide.”

Contribution to the Participants

Managing personal leadership brand and style

You will practice managing on different platforms your leadership vision as a brand, your perception, your positioning, your strengths and your brand visibility and develop your communication techniques through the gamification learning methods developed by 41 North Business School.

Managing balance and challenges

As a woman manager, you will be prepared to overcome risks and challenges you will encounter in your personal and business life, you will practice establishing balance in different areas of your life and learn to overcome the most challenging situations and conflicts that you might experience.

Taking responsibility of your own career and choices

You will get support from the lecturers at 41 North Business School in better understanding your career purpose and motivators, in making more informed choices, in managing your career, designing your career development plan, setting targets and taking responsibility of your plan.

Expanding your leadership area of influence

You will develop your skill set to be a better leader for your team and to create a more motivated and competent team. You will enhance your skills regarding correct management of emotions, problem solving, communication and persuasion, transforming yourself to a leader who creates value in her environment, establishes stronger relations with internal and external parties and promotes a work culture based on co-operation and support.

Benefiting from the experience of experienced leaders

You will have the opportunity to listen to the experiences, inferences, challenges and how they coped with these from inspiring leaders who have had different experiences in their career journey through their own style in the group work offered at 41 North Business School.

Getting coaching support

You will get a chance to have an in-depth analysis of your career and leadership journey by receiving one-on-one or group coaching sessions from experienced coaches from the initial stages of the program until its completion and will be able to monitor your development through your KPIs, measurable methodologies and one-on-one feedback.


During the 4 month program you will have the opportunity to meet your classmates with a high potential, the lecturers and high level female and male managers. By participating in activities and seminars to be organised during and after the program, you will meet the program’s sponsors, other graduates and speakers and become part of an important development platform.

Business Cases with Technologic Mind

You will be in the heart of advanced Technology and Innovation hubs by 41 North. Woman leaders will increase their awareness on technology and innovation to become universal.


You will enhance your company’s corporate image and prestige by investing in gender diversity in management.

You will support the forming of a highly diverse talent pool for your company’s top management positions.

You will increase the number of ready-women managers for the new positions that are created.

You will create role models for other women staff in your company.

Your participant women managers’ awareness, self-confidence, vision, team leadership and problem solving skills will improve.

By creating long term organisational value, you will have new leaders who can establish stronger relations with major clients and partners.

Team motivation within the organisation will be enhanced which will contribute to a work culture based on cooperation between functions and management levels.

You will invest in women leaders who have a personalised action plan who are ready to immediately implement their newly acquired skills and development plans



41 North Business School, provides a unique academic education experience in the “Women in Leadership” program for women managers with a minimum of three years’ managerial experience where they develop their leadership skills and prepare themselves for their next role in their careers. Sessions in class learning are based on applied learning with Gamification. Participitants will be donated with business case studies & lessons learnt examples.

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Why a program specially targeting women?
Gender diversity in corporate management helps companies become more competitive, innovative and customer/employee focused. Throughout the world, equal gender distribution ratio in university graduation and initial recruitment drops down to 5% in women leaders in corporate management positions. In 2018 only 5% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women… Moreover, the male-female income inequality ratio that drops down to around 35% in the same industry and roles, continues to remain as a significant issue in the business world. This program has been specially designed for women with a view to providing gender balance in the ever diminishing gender diversity starting from the first years of management up to the higher management levels and to promote more women remaining in the higher management candidate pool.

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Women in Leadership is a personalised program based on intensive practice. This will be a personalised journey supported by one-on-one & group coaching and also masterclassing the core areas on leadership such as persuasion, networking, personal image, conflict resolution.

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