10 Business Schools You Need To Look Out For In 2019

fonadmin, 17 Jan 2019

From Tech MBAs to emerging markets, these are the business schools you should have an eye on this year

Deniz Saral-Yeliz Kum Ezercan Bloomberg HT

foneditor2, 13 Dec 2018

foneditor2, 09 Nov 2018

Türkiye’nin akademik bazlı ilk ‘Kadın Liderlik Programı’ başlıyor.

foneditor2, 12 Oct 2018

41 North Business School, Turkey’s first private and independent school of leadership and business, opens its doors. “Istanbul to become learning hub for business leaders of Eurasia and The Middle East.”

foneditor, 05 Oct 2018

Prof. Deniz Saral at the Fortune 500 Conference said “Educational and instructional  qualities of Turkish universities are below  par”.