Based on a true case, InsideRisk / High-Stakes Leadership in Action is a live participatory experience, where audience members are called upon to make extremely challenging decisions on the spot. Participants then go through a full debrief and masterclass.

  • FREQUENCY Twice A Year
  • LANGUAGE Available in English
    • Online
April 2024
4 Days Left
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Program Director

Organizational Learning & Management Development
Sana is currently Organizational Learning & Management Development Consultant. In this role she lends her expertise to design and delivery of Organizational Development projects and Leadership Development facilitation.

Professional Background

As a Fortune-100 senior global learning & development manager Sana gained expert-level people development experience. Her background includes more than a decade (2003-2014) of providing global leadership to Caterpillar University’s dealer leadership & management development programs. Additionally, Sana led a global team that supported the global Caterpillar marketing organization with Sales Effectiveness and Sales & Sales Management Certification expertise. In her role at Caterpillar Inc. Sana supported the global dealer community, which included over 100.000 learners.

Sana Azaizi - Kronenburg

Contribution to the Participants


Bonding brings new insights, reduces conflict and allows you to retain leadership in every situation.

Creative Thinking

Promoting a mindset of creativity is a critical success factor in a world of exponential change.

Thinking Ethically

Thinking ethically will shift the paradigm of decision-making in the coming years.

Settling the Unresolved

Developing a positive mindset is necessary to become psychologically “hostage-free” and to enjoy life.


Framing unlocks your creativity, a necessary quality to seize new opportunities.

Resilience / Rebounding

Resilience is essential to risk-taking and innovation.

Being trustable / Trusting others

Prof. George Kohlrieser says that “the lack of trust is one of the biggest problems in leadership today”. Building trust is the key to effective leadership in a time of unpredictable transparency.


▪ Master the fundamental behaviors of leading in high-stakes conditions

▪ Improve your capacity to exercise critical thinking

▪ Create authentic trust around yourself and with the people in your organization

▪ Put your learnings directly into action




It is one of the most impactful programs available right now in the fields of leadership and personal development, because it blends storytelling, emotional intelligence and decision-making in ways that has not been done before. It puts you right in front of who you are as a leader: you get to assess your risk-taking abilities, your values, your capacity to inspire and lead and you get to experience a set of leadership behaviors which are fundamental to efficient leadership.

Everybody talks about experiential learning, but very few content developers in the field of leadership development are able to create true learning experiences which are not purely academic or theoretical.


InsideRisk has been attended by thousands of participants in North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa, representing a variety of industries, ranging from: food, aerospace, watches, media, banking, finance, education, to airlines, distribution, construction, mining, etc.


Unlike open-ended simulations, InsideRisk constantly throws you back into the reality of the true case – with the fears, the paradoxes and doubts felt by the people who were in charge. As a participant, you go through a very emotional experience and open up to a trove of knowledge which would be extremely hard to internalize and to put into action though the standard academic approach.


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